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  The expected concept of Gulf Place has not happened. Our city paid a ton of money for a consulting co. to do all these drawings and to study our situation down here, make a lot of plans and recommendations. Gulf Shores even had town-hall-like meetings to introduce the direction Gulf Shores would move. Waste of time and money. The point of it was to create fewer cars in the public beach area and make the areas around our beach and intersection of Hwy 59 and Beach Blvd. a pedestrian zone. Instead we still do not have anything like the Gulf Place plan. The city has allowed developers to build whatever they want, the highway still cuts everything in half and one single developer owns 3 corners of Hwy 59 & Beach Blvd. so we have redundant big-box souvenir stores (same owner) and no variety, no fun small spots for shopping or vendors of snacks, no espresso bars, etc.

City of Gulf Shores has fought food trucks all the way. They argue that brick and mortar food establishments have big investments down by the beach (many owned by same guy who owns most big souvenir & also liquor stores. Not our problem, let local restaurants get with the times. It all comes back to having developers and food establishment owners on the City Council. Very self serving. But our dumb voters keep the same guys in year after year !

What they have done is to allow the construction of dozens of cheap motels all up and down Hwy 59 up and up thru Foley that add many, many people in vehicles to our streets. They must all DRIVE to the Gulf Shores beach because we have zero public transporation. This is just great, now hundreds more vehicles looking for parking and clogging our streets.

If you have ever been to a Malecon along a beach or water's edge in other countries then you have seen how inviting and interesting and how much of a family destination the land along a body of water can be. I think of Chapala Malecon along Lake Chapala and marvel over how much fun it is. Pony rides, home made ice cream from carts on wheels. Sellers of colorful kites, pop-up eateries everywhere each with their own specialties. Dogs on leashes, people folding palm leaves into fun animals, lively live music everywhere. Pony rides. See-saws, merry-go-rounds in vibrant colors. Why are we denied all of this ???

'temporary' Ha! restaurant & bar at Gulf Place Read More Here

Nope, none of the below has happened --13 yrs later.

An interesting document from the City of Gulf Shores about what the population of Gulf Shores wants for the city used to be avaliable online but the link is an error now. .  
(Land Use Planning Hearing ...pdf document, large file, 65 pages.)
The Gulf Shores City Council and Planning Commission are conducting this joint public hearing (Jan 7th, 2008 ) to receive public input and comment and consider adopting the Land Use Plan prepared by the
KPS, Group of Birmingham, Alabama.
Gulf Place Overview-Gulf Shores Alabama
Click Image to See Bigger Version

Gulf Place is a visionary plan for the community of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Over the years, Gulf Shores has experienced periods of both rapid and gradual change transforming from a once sleepy beach village into a busy and popular family vacation destination. In September 2004, Hurricane Ivan made landfall with winds near 130 mph. The Gulf spilled across the island, transporting massive amounts of sand landward, undermining buildings and roads, and opening new waterways. The huge breaking waves leveled dunes, and battered and removed many homes and businesses.

Elected officials, local businesses and residents of Gulf Shores responded to the devastation Ivan left behind with the determination, optimism and a strong desire to rebuild the community in a way that would enhance the special charm of Gulf Shores.

In November 2004, Jordan, Jones & Goulding (JJG) was commissioned to guide the City of Gulf Shores through a visioning process. The aim was to help the City and its residents articulate their future and identify tools needed to realize their future. The study focused on the beach area and Gulf Place, and the unique challenges found there. 

Throughout the Envision Gulf Shores process, over 400 individuals came together to identify key factors that they felt defined their ideal community. The outcome of those meetings can be distilled into seven goals.

Everyone wanted:

Economic vitality
Less traffic
More open and common community space
A friendlier place for pedestrians and cyclists
An aesthetically pleasing and dynamic town center
A respect for the City’s heritage and local flavor
A good place for families to live in and vacation

The design with the proposed changes and re-building of Gulf Shores' beach area came to be referred to as Gulf Place. 


Gulf Place in Gulf Shores can become a pedestrian-friendly community, where more people are likely to walk than drive. More people will frequent a town center that is safe, beautiful, relax­ing and filled with activity. Gulf Shores understands that merchants and businesses want to be part of a special place and that creating this new special places requires people, public officials and private businesses to work together. To implement these changes will take time and patience, but will be well worth the trouble in the end. 

One of Gulf Shores’ greatest assets is its ability to attract tourists to its white sugar sand beaches. Gulf Shores is very family-oriented and meets the needs of families of all shapes and sizes. The marketing arms for the City and the local tourism industry have worked hard to build this reputation for Gulf Shores. Maintaining the family-friendly nature of Gulf Shores is a clear priority for the community.

These strategies will help Gulf Shores remain family-friendly for years to come in the walking district called Gulf Place:

    • Promoting and maintaining family-oriented Gulf Place attractions, including restaurants, shops, hotels and condo rentals
    • Creating events and venues for all ages all in Gulf Place.
    • Creating and maintaining family-oriented special events at Gulf Place, such as the Shrimp Festival
    • Developing and maintaining a clean, attractive street and sidewalk environment in the Gulf Place area.

Right now, we just have to Envision Gulf Shores as we hope it will be in the near future.

Below all we have, and it was suppose to be temporary ! 

the-hangout-sign.jpg the-hangout-view.jpg


The Hangout at Gulf Shores Beach

There is something for everyone at the new 350 seat restaurant and outdoor beach recreational center at Gulf Place.

Click one of the photos for more photos and 

 Shrimp Festival Photos at Gulf Place, Alabama




Gulf Place Divider

Below is a pedestrian bridge that has been built on West Beach. Features like this are part of the Gulf Place master plan to connect our north and south Beach Blvd. properties. Click the photo to see a larger image.

pedestrian bridge gulf shores, alabama



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