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Interesting Facts About Gulf Shores

The recorded population of Gulf Shores in 1956 was 120, by contrast the population estimate for 2005 is 7,263. 

Originally Gulf Shores was inhabited by Native Americans such as the Creeks, Alibamas and Seminoles.

Skeletons were discovered in an ancient burial ground that were over 8 feet tall.

Some Indian Mounds found in Baldwin County have been said to be older than the Egyptian Pyramids.

Yodeling was used in the Little Lagoon Community as a means of communication amongst the men. They also yodeled for entertainment.

Navy Cove, located on the tip of Fort Morgan was named after England sent Navy ships to protect their commercial ships because pirates were so bad in the Gulf. The Navy ships were kept in the cove and it became known as Navy Cove.

Another place in the same area was called Pilot Town because the bar pilots who guided ships to the Port of Mobile all lived there.

The soil in Baldwin county around the Gulf Shores area became so fertile after the 1906 hurricane that vegetables grew to huge proportions. Sweet Potatoes were the size of water buckets and cabbages weighed up to 20 pounds a piece.

Baldwin County is larger than the state of Rhode Island with a size of 1600 sq miles.

A map made by Waldeemuller, a European geographer circa 1507 features what became to be known as Mobile Bay. The map has Amerigo Vespucci's name on it.

Until the 20's Orange Beach did have an abundance of orange and citrus groves. They were wiped out however when a salesman came around that was selling blight-infected orange tree seedlings.





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Below is a pedestrian bridge that has been built on West Beach. Features like this are part of the Gulf Place master plan to connect our north and south Beach Blvd. properties. Click the photo to see a larger image.

pedestrian bridge gulf shores, alabama



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